Sunday, 8 November 2009

The Plight - Winds of Osiris LPCD

So, this is the first album from the Plight (I think?) previous releases Black Summer, the Self-Titled and the Demo have all been raging pieces of Rock and Roll inspired Hardcore at its very best. And honestly, this is not exception. It rocks so hard there should have been a sticker plastered to the front that says "WARNING: ALBUM MAY LEAD TO AIR GUITARING". Although this is perhaps a slightly at a more mid-paced tempo than Black Summer, but still touches all the right spots. This is erred a lot more perhaps to the Rock side than the Hardcore side of things with some strong Sabbath/Motorhead/Thin Lizzy riffs so its really neither here nor there this will get you stomping around your room in your boxers.

Eitherway, stuff is shit hot. Get it now from Amazon or somewhere like that and stick it on and don't take it off.

J.W [Visible Noise Records]

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Nihil Baxter - S/T 7"

Right, so I was pretty fuckin' chuffed when I discovered this band. They're a brilliant little 80's style Thrash band, although really they just sit comfortably on the side of being Neos-esque Hardcore (although I suppose you could class them as Thrash too, its all Punk though, so fuck it). I found out about these guys somehow through Surf Nazis Must Die and up until recently was utterly convinced it was members of SNMD. I'm not alone either, so many people have apparently believed this they have a song on this 7" about how they're nothing to do with the Surf Nazis. I also feel particially responsible for this grave error due to posting it on forums far and wide proclaiming it to be ex-SNMD, so maybe it was me... Who knows, who cares.

Its a shame that they weren't ex Surf Nazis, because I gotta say, this isn't the demo tape they released previously, meaning, this isn't actually as good. The demo tape was brillaint, it was punchy, and had some fantastic riffs and catchy lyrics and this just feels somewhat lack-luster in comparison, it just seems to be a mish-mash of poorly written songs. I think the best thing about this 7" is the Cro-Mags cover, but even then its just that sped up, and it just doesn't sound that hot.

Over all , I was a bit disappointed especially after such a strong demo release. But definately pick up the Demo if you can (I think they had it up for Download), the Demo is awesome, this is just average.

J.W [Spastic Fantastic]

Record Collectors are Pretencious Assholes.

I'm not reviewing this. I just won a copy of it on eBay a few months back and have been feeling really pleased with myself ever since...


Magrudergrind - S/T LP

So, this is like, their 2nd LP... I think, possibly the 3rd if you count the Split LP with Shitstorm. I also think its got members of Coke Bust in, they're a pretty gnarly (thats right, I said it! I'm bringin' it back!) Fast... sorry, Thrash/Grind band. I've actually only listened to once side of this so far, and only about 4 times I suppose (while I was doing other stuff). These guys always remind me of Drop Dead. I donno, some of you might disagree, but theres a definate likeness to it for me.

Eitherway, shits tight, possibly tighter than Rehashed. If you like Drop Dead, Insect Warfare or early Napalm Death, shits for you. Eat it up

J.W [Six Weeks Later]

PS: Anyone that can actually tell me what Magrudergrind stands for will win a special prize.

Insect Warfare - Noise LP

This is kinda old, kinda new. But nobodies written jack shit on this sordid little blog for fuck knows how long, and damned if I'm gonna put myself out for reviewing anything half-way relevant (although, this kinda is, but fuck it!)

This is actually a S/T LP, but its also known as their Noise LP. Because essentially that is what it is. Its 93 tracks of teeth grinding noise-grind. It lasts about 10-15 minutes too...

Imagine your listening to your favourite album being played on one of those shitty ASDA Pacific CD players at max volume. Then imagine a Meth crazed Ainsley Harriot taking said CD player, popping the cover, squeezing out a good 8 inches of his finest post-digested Carribean/Jamacian cousine into it, putting down the cover, and pressing play. Then in a explosion of PCP enduced rage forcing it into one of his patented blenders (Does Ainsley have a patented Blender? He must do). Thats pretty much what this record sounds like.

That might sound pretty negative. But the fact is, I don't really... get noise bands, I will freely admit that I skip MITB's noise tracks. But this actually intrequed me. It's prett much 93 tracks sonic bowl discharge that had me both wishing it would never end, and end very quickly (which it did, so I was both pleased and disappointed. Too much confliction for one day me thinks). Its good, its interesting stuff, and if someone who'se not overly keen on such deviant music can actually be pleased with it, then people who love this shit should bloody love it. Its both classic Insect Warfare Grind and Sonic Bowl Disrupting Noise at the same time... Plus the B-side is grooved to look like the cover (one assumes, because it certainly doesn't have any fucking tracks on it unless I'm missing something). I think this is pretty much a one-listener for me, or at least a once in a while listener. But, still, worth it.

J.W [625 Records]

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Valhalla Pacifists/Prumyslova split 12" LP

So, here we have it, the Valhalla Pacifists; Harrogate's finest and wittiest thrash troop and their second vinyl expedition with the Czech's Prumyslova Smrt. In total the band shred through 25 tracks of Thrashy, Grindy goodness.

PS play some furious Grindcore with some brilliant guitar riffs that had my head nodding piled together with some truly harrowing growls and snarls that fans of grindcore would naturally expect. The lyrics are really well thought out too and there's some original thought put into each one too (but not speaking Czech I don't know what the others are about HA!).

The Valhalla Pacifists side, however, was a let down. I mean, instrumentally and lyrically it delivers. It is what you would expect from the VP boys, 9 tracks of raging thrash with lyrics that go from Transformer Beatdowns to making sure the younger generation appreciate the Punk community that these lads have put their blood, sweat and tears into. I feel let down though because most of the VP tracks are from the "Punks In Trunks" split they did with Fuck With Fire (which costs about a quid I think) which was on Dead End Records. Granted the costs of recording are expensive (especially in these economically fruegal times), but really their side just left me feeling vaguely ripped off because Id already paid for those tracks and suddenly found myself paying [cosiderably more] for them again. Indeed support your scene, but I do feel kinda had and its not really the parting of money, its the general principle of being fobbed off with the same tracks from a previous release. Shit Id expect from Rancid or some other mainstream Punk band, but not these lads, for shame! Again, VP still deliver the goods in the way we all expect these crazy, twisted lads to, its just a shame they're not 9 new unheard ditties.

All in all, if you don't own the "Punks In Trucks" split this 12" is fucking rad. If you do, I wouldn't bother unless you really want the PS tracks
J.W [Keep Screaming, Cat And Owl, Dead Heroes]

Friday, 17 October 2008

The Burning Times - The End is the Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning 7"

So this is the newest releases from Brighton Punk trio, Burning Times, consisting of Andy (Abandon Ship), Matt (also AS) and Nick. For those of you who remember the first 7", you will recall it to be a proverbial powerhouse of politics and gender issues and scene values. All expertly written and wonderfully delivered in a blaze of crust inspired thrashy Hardcore.

Well this is more Crusty then before with some Witch Hunt/Tragedy-esque blood running through its veins and is truely a stomping brutalising onslaught of epic thrash tinged Crust (mouthful I know. Trust me, it works). Some truly brilliant tracks on this 4 track EP. Lyrically it deals with being out and proud, coping with loss and family matters. Lyrically this record is really strong. They're the type of lyrics that few could maybe relate to personally which I feel is the beautiful part of this band. The lyrics are truely straight from the heart and although you may have no comprehension of some of the matters delt with, you feel every ounce of rage, sadness and resentment thats seered into every track. Christina is the guest vocals for "Disipitive Structures" which works fantastically as well with her deep growl and bark that seeths darkness into the song.

I love the track "Pride". The lyrics for "Pride" are just brilliant thought out and wonderfully phrased into a true out and proud gay anthem for every queer punk out their to sink their teeth into an even straight people can enjoy the passion put into it.

So pick this up and enjoy it!

J.W [Keep Screaming]

In crust we trust